Your relationship to yourself is priority #1.

A healed & empowered woman is able to attract everything she desires in an aligned way.  Heal your relationship to yourself to become a match for the best partnerships, friendships and family relationships you've ever had.


  • Giving up all your power to people pleasing tendencies in order to be liked (but wait, do you even like them?)
  • Struggling to speak your truth for fear of judgement or being misunderstood and so you continue to keep quiet which builds anger, frustration, disappointment and bitterness.
  • You find yourself in the same toxic cycles with partners (or friends / family) and you don't know how to break them or why it keeps happening.
  • You feel like you're broken or not meant to be in relationship.
  • You feel all the "good" men or women are taken and have become extremely jaded with the dating process.
  • You low-key love the chase, the games, the drama (even if you don't want to admit it)
  • You are afraid to communicate needs, desires and boundaries and so you say nothing at all


  • Healing the #1 relationship in your life -- yourself 

  • Finding your mojo & zest for life again

  •  Holding your power when dating (esp when he hasn't texted back yet) 

  • How to communicate desires openly (w/o coming on too strong) 

  • Staying in your feminine, without spiralling, and allowing men to lead

  • Setting standards & boundaries to become a match for what you desire from your man (or any relationship for that matter)

  • Putting yourself out there confidently & magnetically in a detached & empowered way

  • Enhancing your current relationships by embodying your divine goddess
  • Subconscious recoding to remove resistance to attracting an aligned partner or manifesting the best relationships possible


This is for women who are feeling disconnected, yearning for more depth, stronger commitments, and for men to meet you where you're at

I know as a collective, women are done with the games.

We are thriving more than ever in careers and business.

We are not looking for men to take care of us financially as their primary role (although it's a bonus), we are looking for men to take care of us emotionally.

I believe it is up to us to raise the bar and call upon higher standards for men to meet us where we are at.

It begins with self-empowerment.

I have come to realize if we want to attract better men, we have to become better as women.

Emotional intelligence, conscious communication, energetic management, self-confidence & self-worth.

I have an approach to dating & relationships that is a complete game changer and is helping women to navigate the world of dating in a way that is so freaking empowering.

I am supporting women "get out there" again after a self-proclaimed hiatus.

We are tapping into the frequency of dating so you can meet your most aligned match.

The beauty of this self-empowerment process is it also serves women in relationships or looking to enhance their life in general.

And it starts within.


2 Months of Private Coaching

Receive access to 2 live trainings per month, including tailored support for powerful embodiment & integration 

4x 1:1 Calls with Rach

Focused on subconscious & energetic releasing & clearing to prime you for the most success in this program

Access to Rach's Hotline Bling

Stay connected to Rach & your new soul sisters via Voxer for additional guidance between calls


The conscious dating game is the new age way to meet an aligned partner. Open & transparent conversations are the new relationship standards. Shift the way you've been showing up in your dating & relationship dynamics in a way that keeps you in your power


  • Releasing limiting beliefs & emotions around shame, unworthiness, guilt, anger, sadness, hurt, resentment, fear
  • Breaking toxic cycles around dating & relationships through strong standards & boundaries
  • Overcoming people pleasing to begin living & loving life for yourself 
  • Amplifying self-worth, self-confidence, self-love, self-image to embody your bad bish energy
  • Cultivating a stronger connection to your intuition to enhance self-trust
  • Shifting your approach to dating & relationships to feel empowered so you can enjoy the journey
  • Powerful identity shifting to become the vibrational match for your deepest desires 









"I feel like I have learned so much more about myself since working with Rach. I am able to connect into my intuition and higher self on a much deeper level. I understand the importance of setting standards and boundaries. I feel so much more empowered, a stronger sense of self and my self worth has expanded. I am more tuned into myself, my needs and am no longer putting others before myself."


"Rach has been able to make me be more open and living towards myself and I’m so much happier I felt very comfortable and able to have compete trust in Rach! She is amazing at what she does. I’m beyond grateful for her and her beliefs!"


"Her vast amount of knowledge, self confidence and the way she carries herself have always been something I've admired. Trust your intuition and take the leap! You will learn so much and be so glad you did it."


"Your support and guidance has been so great, exactly what I needed. It's been a life changing month and it's just the beginning!"



 I'm a dreamer, a seeker, and a doer.  I use my powers in subconscious reprogramming, building a magnetic personal brand, and spiritual rituals to support women in wellness find alignment, love, success, abundance through business, finances, relationships, and travel.  

Weaving my story from rock bottom to rebirth to let you know that from the pain comes potential, to empower you to start from where you are. 

Designing a freedom-based lifestyle.  Quantum uplevelling. Having fun! These are foundational to my method.

The wellness practitioner who desires to learn what goes on BTS of a successful business so she can blueprint it and apply it to her own.  The wellpreneur who isn’t afraid of a little woo to add a bit of spice and excitement into her life. The spiritual coach who craves fun, freedom and a lot of freakin’ abundance.  These are the inspiring women I serve. 

My gifts lie in my high vibe energy, magnetism, and ability to tap into your inner self-worth and confidence so you can level the eff up in the way that lights you up most.

The quality of your relationship to yourself determines the quality of the relationships in the rest of your life

Hotline Bling is right for you if are:

  • Looking to deepen your personal growth & relationship to self
  • Ready to put an end to old patterns, beliefs and behaviours that aren't serving you
  • Ready to take responsibility for your life & relationships to set yourself free.
  • Ready to break cycles of ghosting, red flag energy, emotional unavailability, noncommittal bros
  • Committed to doing the work to raise standards & boundaries to meet an aligned partner
  • Super coachable and are willing to put in the work to get results.

Hotline Bling is not right for you if you are

  • Are looking for a quick fix solution that bypasses that magical work we'll do together
  • Living in a victim mentality or have a blame tendency.
  • Not coachable or ready to commit wholeheartedly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This is unlike many of my other containers where having your own business is a prerequisite.  The only thing you need is a desire to heal & grow and a willingness to put in the work.

We will arrange our call schedule on a bi-weekly basis that works for both of us, in advance of starting.

When there is divine timing and free will at play, timelines aren't important.  By committing to this work, you will become attuned to the frequency of the type of relationship you are desiring. 

It can take time for this person to manifest in your physical reality, so it is your responsibility to utilize the tools provided in the program on an on-going basis.

You will be equipped with what you need to integrate beyond our time together.

ABSOLUTELY! I will check the chat regularly to ensure that all questions and comments are addressed frequently.  This is an open forum where you can utilize it as much as you need - I want you to get the most out of it.



Yes, please see above for the payment plan options.  If you would like to discuss another option, please email [email protected]

You are going to leave this program a new person, no for real!  We step into a completely new identity, we release what no longer serves us, we prime ourselves for success and empowerment, and have fun every step of the way!

Expect miracles, major manifestations, magnetic opportunities, bursts of unexpected excitement and happiness, and fresh outlook on the world you live in.  

You walk away high on your own supply, and leaving people wanting to take a sip of whatever you're drinking because the difference will be LIT!


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