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Charisma Codes Mini-Mind

elevate your influence + power to allow your soul's essence to shine radiantly & confidently to get what you desire & deserve out of life 🔥💸✨💃🏼🥂💖



⚡️CALL ONE: Deconditioning & Leading w/ Desire (self-esteem. trust & worth)

  • understanding our paradigms as a result of childhood, past life or generational experiences 
  • recoding toxic patterns, emotions and beliefs that play into feelings of lack, mistrust or unworthiness 
  • allowing ourselves to play with pleasure to honour our deepest desires for growth, success, love, and abundance 
  • beginning the process of harnessing healthy levels of trust, self-worth, and self-esteem

⚡️CALL TWO: Charismatic Communication for Expanded Influence (business & relationships)

  • breaking down barriers of ego to open the doors to open & conscious communication styles
  • feeling safe and comfortable having difficult conversations with love & compassion to yield the best possible outcomes 
  • how to use verbal & nonverbal communication to have a positive influence on every relationship in your life (and to attract aligned relationships)

⚡️CALL THREE: Confident Leadership

  • how to command authority through genuine authentic self-expression 
  • aligning your identity to your mission to connect deeper with your community
  • making bold decisions with ease, selling effortlessly, quantum growth through alignment
  • when we focus on leadership, we create & cultivate greater impact -- become the leader you aspire to

⚡️CALL FOUR: Self-Image Enhancement

  • healing how we view ourselves to tap into our innate confidence & charisma
  • exploring new layers of self-love through ritual, boundary setting, and getting to intimately meet ourselves 
  • developing the happiest, healthiest, strongest, and most important relationship in your life -- with yourself (it's not cocky, it's confidence)

⚡️CALL FIVE: Magnetic Aura Integration

  • Accessing your je ne sais quoi essence that leaves people wanting more from you
  • learn how to work a room and garner attention with your presence alone
  • you are ready to be seen, take up space, show up like the bad bish that you are (it's like a makeover for your frequency)

⚡️CALL SIX: Celebrating & Honouring Your Evolution

  • it's all about you and your growth
  • this is where you get to reflect on your transformation while setting intentions to commit to further expansion 
  • let's pop the bubbly 🥂



  • 6 weeks 
  • 6 group calls (valued at $4500)
  • 1x 1:1 call (valued at $1000)
  • Voxer chat (valued at $3000)
  • Total Value = $8500+
  • Total Investment = $2444

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