My advanced VIP Breakthrough Day is an accelerated process that completely unblocks deep resistance and limitation holding you back in your life to expand into the next level of quantum potential. We are weaving dreams into reality.


 This is an elite, high-caliber experience.


Inspired by and created for the high-achieving woman who knows deep in her soul there is so much of life to be enjoyed and experience, yet despite the personal growth & spiritual work she has delved into, something still feels like it is missing. 


This is where we uncover what that is to build accelerated momentum towards your ideal life vision.



 🔥 Fully customized support + access to range of tools to support your path of least resistance

🔥 An immersive day of subconscious + energetic healing & integrating to liberate you

🔥 Break generational & past life cycles keeping you looped in lack & scarcity mentality using NLP, hypnosis, tapping, embodiment, spiritual rituals

🔥 Map out your Quantum Identity to show up in your life as is all your wildest wishes are already fulfilled

🔥 Quantum leap into next level love, wealth & success through higher self embodiment

🔥 Subconscious goal setting to actually hit those milestones



Give yourself permission to go all in.

Collapse time & space to manifest faster than ever before.

Uplevel. Expand. Evolve. Heal.

My life changed after my first Breakthrough Experience during my Master NLP Practitioner Certification.

I remember it so clearly - I was striving for $10K months, yet my financial thermostat wasn't attuned to that level yet.

I was afraid to make bold moves that I knew deep down would support my growth.

Walking into that VIP Breakthrough Day, I knew it was all about to change for me.

A new cycle was about to begin.

And that's exactly what happened - within 90 days I was hitting consistent 5-figure months, investing in myself & business bigger and showing up as the CEO I had been dreaming of.

I had quantum leaped, and I accredit a large part of that journey to my personal Breakthrough experience.

So whether you are ready to leap to that next financial level in business, claim that big promotion you've been vying for, call in your BIG soul love, connect with & awaken your spiritual gifts, and overall enhance your quality of life + lifestyle -- this will absolutely, positively transform your life.

PS. This is the equivalent of 2 months of private coaching in one day (and at a fraction of the investment).


1 FULL DAY of Private Coaching

Subconscious healing, luxury lifestyle mentorship & spiritual guidance 

2 Weeks Integration Support

Receive 2 weeks of elite support with Rach as you integrate via Voxer

All Meals & Accoms Included

We take care of these details so you can sit back and enjoy the experience

1 Priming Session

Before our experience begins we will go through a Detailed Personal History via Zoom 


⚡️FINANCE & BUSINESS (OR CAREER) to attract wealth, clients, promotions, opportunities, success

⚡️LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS to attract soulmate, heal toxic dynamics, mother/father & sisterhood wounds, meet aligned people

⚡️HEALTH & WELL-BEING to become the healthiest version of yourself, making better choices, eliminate patterns of sabotage, prioritize personal care

⚡️RELATIONSHIP TO SELF to amplify self-confidence, esteem, worth, and love and healing the most important relationship you've got -- to yourself 

⚡️SPIRITUALITY & PERSONAL GROWTH to deepen your connection to your intuitive gifts and creating space & momentum to bring your healing magic to create major impact


"Listen to your heart. I've wanted to work with Rach for probably around 2 years and I wish I did it SO much sooner. Her wisdom, energy, and coaching style is truly unmatched. If you're on the fence, leap. You won't regret it."


"The way Rach operates her business is inspiring. I knew that I would have a life-changing experience working with her - and I ALREADY have had big mindset shifts happening from all the releasing work that we did."


"I am definitely much more in my feminine even when I'm doing "masculine" tasks. I feel SO much more grounded and have let go of the "I need to control everything" mindset. It hasn't even been a week but I FEEL so many shifts already happening."


We are not here to create results that make logical sense, we are here to quantum leap



 I'm Rach, the founder & CEO of Freedom School Co.

In true Mani-Gen fashion, I wear many hats because this is what ignites my sacral authority, so let me break it down as best I can!

As you can tell, freedom is a core value of mine, in fact it is literally a part of my coding according to my primary Gene Key 34; my deepest purpose in life is to manifest the gift of Freedom.  

As an empowerment coach for high-achieving women I support them in entering what I call the Sacred Single Era to take a sovereign approach to dating & relationships to subconsciously & energetically prepare them for their soul love.

I am a luxury lifestyle coach for high-value women who desire opulence in every area of their life through my method of cultivating  elevated standards, elite boundaries, expansive mentality and embodiment using my Quantum Identity Activation™️ process.

I am an Intuitive Indigenous Mentor who is reclaiming her roots as a First Nations Woman by leading other trailblazers to build legacies that heal ancestral & generational cycles of lack & poverty for us to create wealth for our past, present, and future lineages.

As a Sagittarius, my pursuit & passion for freedom bleed through my life's work and has lead me to create the beautiful & abundant life I live, which I now have the privilege of sharing with women around the world.  

Can't wait to watch you thrive!

Rach x

It is of high self-value to invest in yourself to heal and break repetitive cycles to create a better future for generations to come.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This is unlike many of my other containers where having your own business is a prerequisite.  The only thing you need is a desire to heal & grow and a willingness to put in the work.

We will arrange our VIP DAY on a date that works for both of us, as this is a completely customizable experience.

Yes, we will work together in advance of the VIP DAY to align both dates and day-of itinerary.  It is recommended we start no later than midday just to make sure we have ample time to gain momentum.

Each VIP DAY client will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the experience.  If you require any assistance in making arrangements, I am happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction!

Yes, please see above for the payment plan options.  If you would like to discuss another option, please email [email protected]

Our cancellation policy is outlined in the contract you will sign upon enrolment. If you require a postponement, I will require at least 7 days in advance to make the appropriate adjustments (unless otherwise specified in your contract).

No refunds will be issued, only credits to future programs or experiences.


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